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Second San Francisco Lecture Series - published by Joel Goldsmith

"It's up to you. You are master of your own experience. And the way you do it is through this - NOWNESS. To realize that "I am with you until the end of the world"...that the Christ of God - the Son of God - is the very consciousness of your being until the end of the world, and then look out at all of your neighbors and say - "Isn't it wonderful! Right there, too, is this same Truth..this same Eternal Life..this same Love!" "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

"Then you are fulfilling the two commandments. You have only two commandments from Jesus, you know. "Love the Lord Thy God with all your Soul, with all your Heart"...and..."Love thy neighbor as thyself".

"You are doing that now. And only YOU can make it a continuing experience, which is a moment of Grace. The wholeness of the Godhead is flowing in you and through you and It is appearing here visibly as you. Every one of you presents to me the Face of God. And as you look up here and look through what you think of as a human face, that is all you can see, too. God shining through ... the Grace of God speaking.

"In that NOW you are under Divine Grace. All of the time that existed before this minute is wiped out. So far as you are concerned, there are no benefits from the past because in this NOW you need nothing of the past. You have the fullness of the Godhead Bodily in you and through you - AT THIS VERY MOMENT! You can't want more than that! The Fullness and the Allness of God manifesting in you and through you and as you this very minute. And - "Lo! I am with you until the end of the world!

"This Grace, this you know we are having a Holy Experience here this minute...RIGHT NOW? Can you feel that where we ARE the very Grace is manifesting because we have had nothing here but the dedication of our own temple, the temple of our own bodies, to Truth. We brought it to this room - for what purpose? For the Truth. Can we withdraw that dedication? It does not lie within our possibilities because "I of my own self" did not bring it here. It was the Spirit of the Father Within that urged it on and brought the consciousness alive and brought it to this point."

-- from Joel Goldsmith's "Second San Francisco Lecture Series"
Chapter - Harmony Through Oneness With God

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