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Metaphysical Notes - published by Joel Goldsmith

"I want to start right off with a great secret. You will find this in my writings - but you will also find that it has not been taken too seriously by those who have read it! It has not - except in a few cases - probably been recognized as one of the Supreme Wisdoms of the world. This has occurred, firstly, because it is not stated in mystical language but in plain English; and secondly, because people are not in the habit of analyzing statements.

"I am going to give you now the Highest Mystical Statement that I that will provide you absolutely with a Pass-Key to harmony of mind and body and business - health, wealth and all other things. That statement is - ONENESS WITH GOD CONSTITUTES ONENESS WITH ALL SPIRITUAL BEING AND THINGS.

"Oneness with God constitutes Oneness with All Spiritual Being and Things. You might realize - "MY Oneness with God constitutes My Oneness with All Spiritual Being and Things." That is a passport right into wealth and health. Why?

"We go back to the illustration of the telephone. You can't get anywhere in the world on the telephone without going to the Central Office, but once you contact the Central Office, you can contact any place on the face of the globe that has a telephone.

"Now, this Truth is a Higher Truth than any telephone system. If you contact God...if once you make your Conscious Realization with God...then automatically and instantaneously you are At One with the Entire Universe of Spiritual Idea."

-- from Joel Goldsmith's "Metaphysical Notes"
Lesson 18 - Mysticism

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