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Consciousness Unfolding - published by Joel Goldsmith

"A treatment must not consist in sitting down and going through a ritual of making statements about Truth. A treatment must be..SITTING DOWN AND TURNING TO THE FATHER WITHIN AND SAYING - "WHAT IS THE TRUTH?..about business..about body..about health..about my neighbor..about this universal belief of war.." - and then letting the Divine Consciousness TELL IT TO YOU! Never believe that reading it, or memorizing it, or reciting it, will produce the EFFECT for you. I assure you, those merely serve as a means to an end. You must yourself go WITHIN and let the Divine Consiousness give you a treatment. YOU do not GIVE the treatment. You RECEIVE the treatment from Divine Mind.

"Is it CLEAR, now, that EVERYTHING has to come from WITHIN? EVEN the treatment? It is not lip service. It is not anything but AN IMPARTATION FROM WITHIN. Now, treatment IS necessary so long as we are in ignorance, or so long as we are being handled by universal beliefs. In the degree that we are suffering ANY form of sin, sickness, lack or limitation, we need treatments. But NOT treatment from WITHOUT, IT MUST BE TREATMENT FROM WITHIN! Then you will find that THAT treatment is Law.

"Haven't you wondered, sometimes, after you had been remembering a lot of these madeup statements and faithfully repeating and repeating and repeating them, why you did not get the health, the harmony, the wealth you expected from them? Well, it was because they were external. You were stuffing sawdust into a doll. You were stuffing yourself with a made-up "sawdust" treatment.

"This treatment of OURS is a treatment just of PEACE. It is a treatment of Consciousness expressing Itself. It is not any made-up thoughts. It comes entirely and directly out of MEDITATION, and in that degree will it have results. It will bear fruit in healings and improved health. When the next problem comes along, we again let this Divine Consciousness GIVE US the treatment."

-- from Joel Goldsmith's "Consciousness Unfolding" Hollywood, CA edition
Chapter 4 - Science of Creation

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