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God, the Substance of All Form - published by Joel Goldsmith

"Do you realize now how important the word, "Consciousness" is? To learn to change our consciousness is really and truly the purpose in our work, because we see that whatever is discordant in our experience is our erroneous consciousness of that which is appearing, and that it is not going to do any good to get merely a better appearance. By this, I mean, that if you are in a home you do not like, it is not going to do you any good to get a better home. That is not the solution. The solution is first, to gain a better consciousness of home, then the better home will follow.

"The same thing applies if we are not satisfied with our business, if we are not satisfied with our practice, if we are not satisfied with our profession. We must gain a freer or better consciousness of that which we are not satisfied with before we can gain the thing, itself.

"Is that clear? It has to become clear to you, and you might as well make the beginning right here and now, and realize that the secret of having anything is by first attaining the consciousness of it. Why is that? Because Consciousness is God, and the moment you have the consciousness of a thing, that Consciousness creates it - whatever the "it" may be - home, companionship, supply, employment, health, eternality, immortality. Your consciousness of it, builds it. "With all thy getting, get understanding." With all thy getting, get a consciousness of good, and then the good will follow.

"Now, I have said that as you gained consciousness of a thing, this consciousness produced it, consciousness became the core of your demonstration. If we go back now before you were born and tell you that what you looked like when you were born and that which you were when you were born, was the direct result of your own state of consciousness, you might think at the moment, if you think too quickly, that you had nothing to do with it. But that is only because in the rush you might think that you began at the moment of your birth, or a few months before. That is not true. You have coexisted with God since "before Abraham was," and therefore, the state of consciouness that you were prior to birth is absolutely the cause of what you were when you were born. Just as whatever state of consciousness you now are, is the cause of what you now demonstrate. And the state of consciousness that you attain next year, or ten years from now, will be the cause of the looks of your body, of your business, of your home and your home relationships, or your national relationships then.

"Do you really and truly believe that your own Consciousness governs your life? Can anyone doubt it? This whole teaching is based on that premise, that Consciousness is God, and that Consciousness being universal Consciousness, is your individual consciousness."

-- from Joel Goldsmith's "God, the Substance of All Form" Hollywood, CA edition
Chapter - Gaining the Consciousness of Good

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