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The Master Speaks - published by Joel Goldsmith

"What I am saying is this: God is infinite individual Being; God is omnipresent as your individual Consciousness. And this may appear to you in any form which your consciousness can accept. Do not limit the form in which Truth, Guidance, Health, Healing, can come to you, since God is INFINITE in Its Activity; God is Infinite in form and appearance.

"Accept this truth: God can appear to you individually. God can appear to you within your own consciousness. God can appear as Teacher, Healer, Savior. God can appear as Direction, Wisdom, Guidance. And you should be able to accept It in any form that may appear to you in your consciousness when you are in the silence. Do not be afraid of any inner visitation. The greater degree of unfoldment that you receive in this work, the greater will be the INNER revelation of an individual nature coming to you. You will have your individual appearing of God.

"Please believe me when I tell you that so far as I am concerned the healing of the disease, the healing of the sin, the healing of poverty, is only the proof that the message of omnipresence is true; that the healing of body is not the main function of this teaching. The main function of this teaching is to make God evident and real to you individually as a living experience. God is a living experience. God is a living Person and Power. Not "person" in our sense of person. But God is an Infinite Individuality to be realized by each of us.

"We can live and move and have our being twenty-four hours a day in God-Consciousness, and that is the main purpose of this work. The health, the wealth, the harmony, the peace and the joy, always come with it. With what? With the consciousness of the Presence of God.

"Abraham called God "Friend." And Jesus called God "Father." Ramakrishna called God "Mother Kali." The Quakers call God "Father-Mother." In whatever form these people have realized God, they realized It not as a name, but as an ACTUAL EXPERIENCE to which they gave the name "Father," or "Friend," or "Father-Mother," or "Mother." It was an actual experience which took place in their consciousness, like the descent of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost - an actual experience to which they then gave the name "GOD," "Father-Mother."

"What we have been doing in our religious life has been merely to SAY the names "Father" and "Mother" and "God" and "Christ" - the hollow shell - without actually having had the experience in our inner being. But the purpose and message of the Infinite Way is to make God a Living Reality, so that whether you close your eyes or open your eyes, you will always have the sense and feeling of this Divine Presence - guiding, leading, directing, and instructing you."

-- from Joel Goldsmith's "The Master Speaks" Hollywood, CA edition
Chapter 7 - God

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