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The Nineteen Hundred Fifty-Four Infinite Way Letters -
published by Joel Goldsmith

"The ability to commune with God is given only be Grace -- as the Gift of God. The gifts of prophecy and divine healing are likewise Gifts of the Spirit, and can only be realized in proportion as Grace has quieted the reasoning faculties of the mind.

"Under Grace the being is flooded with Light (not necessarily visible light), the body is weightless and without sensation. There is a One-ness with all being and with nature, and one is of the very substance and nature of all creation. This is not being a part of nature or even a part of God but, rather being the very fabric of Life. One feels himself of the essence of the sea, the actual rise and fall of the waves, the ebb and flow of the tides.

"The being flutters in the leaves on the trees, and is the essence and taste of their fruits. The freedom of fish swimming in the depths of the sea is matched only by the gentleness of the swaying breeze, and the beauties of the rocks and stones and corals beneath the waters. All life is ONE.

"Life beneath the waves is as much a family life as between men and women of earth; life is one in the garden in flowers, trees, birds, and insects -- even as the family life of humans. One Life and one Love surges through all as One Infinite Divine Being. One Soul unites all creation in Its embrace, and is the Life of all creation. This Life is not separate from the life of the atmosphere itself, so there is no life IN creation -- Life IS the Soul OF creation. Soul is not IN any being or form of being -- nor is Soul separate from being, for Soul IS Being.

"I am not in the earth or tree or bird: I AM THESE. I AM the gentle movement of the clouds -- yet more, the very fleeciness itself; the brightness of the sun and its movement. I AM the breeze in the air, the swaying of palm fronds -- yet the palm itself. I look out from the stars -- but being also the sky, I hold the stars within me. Beneath is world upon world within my embrace -- while I look out from these worlds to the stars above. I AM the life and color of the jade in my ring, and the consciousness of being of the organs of my body.

"There is no place where I leave off as the life of one, or begin as the life or mind of another, but ALL IS ONE. I flow through all, in all, as all. I AM also the flow. I AM in musical sounds, yet I AM the sound itself. Of all creation I AM the essence, the fibre, the fabric, form and action, and the very Mind and the Life."

-- from Joel Goldsmith's "1954 Infinite Way Letters"
Chapter - The Middle Path

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