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The Altitude of Prayer

"We are living an immortal life. It is not we who are really living our life; it is God who is living it. 'I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me,' and the Christ is immortal and eternal. The life of the Christ is forever. The life of the Christ is embodied in you and in me. It is your very life. It is my very life. It will never leave us. It will go with us from glory to glory, from manifestation to manifestation. We appear today as a baby and tomorrow as an adult, and again as a baby and again as an adult, but it is always I who am appearing, always the life of the Christ that is appearing as individual you and me.

"Only in meditation is this revealed, and it is in these periods of meditation that the innermost secrets of the spiritual kingdom are revealed to us. Through meditation, spiritual discernment is developed, and through spiritual discernment it is possible for the kingdom of God to reveal itself to you from within you. Without the capacity for spiritual discernment, be assured that the Kingdom cannot reveal itself to you. Althought you may find books or Scriptures which tell of that Kingdom, even then you will not grasp what is being revealed to you, because it is really the Spirit of God that bears witness with your individual spirit and reveals to you through spiritual means the secrets of the Kingdom.

"Someday you will have an experience and learn that you are I, that your Self cannot be confined in time or in space, but that you exist beyond time and beyond space. Then you will know the secret of preexistence. You will know that 'before Abraham was, I am,' and I will be with you unto the end of the world, whether I, Joel, say that, or whether I, you, say it, for there is only one I on this earth. That I is the identity of those who have gone out of our physical sight; It is our identity; and It is the identity of those still unborn.

"And that is immortality."

-- from Joel Goldsmith's "The Altitude of Prayer"
Chapter 4 - This is Immortality

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