The Infinite Way

Chapter - Author's Note

There is a way whereby we are able to rid ourselves of sin, sickness, poverty, and the results of wars and economic changes. This way is the exchanging of our material sense of existence for the understanding and consciousness of life as spiritual.

Down the centuries, the sense of man and the universe as being material has resulted in the development of fear for the personal self and national existence. This will continue and become even more intensified as more destructive material forces are discovered. The latest of these forces to be announced is a chemical, one ounce of which, it is claimed, would be sufficient to destroy the entire population of the United States and Canada, and even this is probably not the ultimate of material force. There is no material power to overcome either this or the atomic bomb. There is no hope in matter or material sense. The way of security, harmony, and health is through attaining some measure of spiritual consciousness.

The great secret is that despite all belief to the contrary real power, either for good or evil, does not reside in matter or in the material sense of man and the universe. Those who have acquired some degree of spiritual consciousness have proved in that measure the reality of Spirit.

The necessity for giving up the material sense of existence for the attainment of the spiritual consciousness of life and its activities is the secret of the seers, prophets, and saints of all ages. That it is practical is proved today by the healing and regenerating works done by many students of modern schools of practical or scientific Christianity. When the world learns that whatever success has been gained in improving conditions of health, wealth, and security in the lives of these modern followers of ancient teachings has been accomplished solely by the surrender of material sense through the attainment of spiritual consciousness, it may well look up with hope.

The question is, "How does one set about attaining this spiritual consciousness and thereby lose material sense?" The answer is, "Read and study the truths revealed through all ages about the universal Consciousness, Soul or Spirit, and about spiritual creation and its laws. Imbibe the spiritual sense of these revelations."

In this small volume, I have written the spiritual truth as I have gleaned it through over thirty years of study of the major religions and philosophies of all ages, the last fifteen years of which have been spent in the practical application of truth to problems of human existence -- problems of health, business, family life, and security.

Be assured inner peace will come as one turns to the spiritual consciousness of life, and an outer calm will follow in one's human affairs. The outer world will conform to the inner awareness of Truth.

The authority for all of this revelation will be you -- as you yourself experience this change within and without.

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