Spiritual Writings - Meditations

The prophet says, "Consider your ways", and that is the subject herein.
Consider your ways

For those who have ears to hear, join us now in Spirit and in Truth, within these shared words of submission.
How Shall You Now Believe?

Come to these words in Silence and in Truth -- in recognition of the One Love.
Don't Give Yourself Away to Yesterday

This writing was sent to me as an individualized adaptation of a passage from "A Course in Miracles".
I am shown

These two meditations were revealed through a friend of mine -- mutual gifts to All.
Morning Comes

I copied this text (with slight alterations) from a hand written meditation that was penned in the back of my copy of "The Infinite Way Letters - 1956" by Joel S. Goldsmith.
Let There be Light!

This meditation will speak for itself.
god is breathing me

This meditation speaks to the recognition of our True Identity while we go about our daily lives.
Where I Am Going

This meditation concerns the need for renewing our Spiritual Presence in the world every day.
Why We Cannot Live on Yesterday's Manna

This meditation may be considered a work in progress. Please feel free to rewrite it in your own consciousness.
I Am Cause

The following thoughts were written after reading a practice that Joel Goldsmith outlines in his book Consiousness Transformed. I recommend that you go to the Study Practice section on this web site and perform this practice for yourself before reading the meditations presented here.
Meditation on Proverbs 3:5-6
Meditation on Luke 4:4
Meditation on Isaiah 26:3
Meditation on John 14:27
Meditation on Isaiah 30:15
Meditation on John 4:31-32

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