Meditation on Isaiah 30:15

In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. (Isaiah 30:15)

What reason is there for me to go out into the world to try to improve it? There is none. The world is a product of God and therefore cannot be improved. It is only for me to relax in the presence of my own God being, my own consciousness, and to realize the truthful nature of all things. Once I have this realization of Oneness there is then the immediate fulfillment of quietness (Peace) and confidence (Love) present to meet all of my needs. And, if anyone out in the world is receptive to this Truth they will be brought unto me without my own preconceived influences. In other words, all will unite in Oneness as soon as, and as long as I reside in the consciousness of I. I am then a healer, thru the non-action of my Being. This and this alone creates Order, and in Order, quietness and confidence reign supreme.

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