I Am Cause

I am cause.

What do you think I mean by this?

Not I is what I mean.
Not the I personally named and humanly before you.
Not I is when I am cause.

I become the cause when I have given up that I.

The freedom from the illusion begins!
The release of the burden!
I am cause!

Do you realize how powerful this makes me--
All powerful.
Only powerful.
Not at all powerful.

I am cause.
I am not here.
I am the beholder.
Nothing can touch me except that which I permit.
I then touch whatever I have need to touch.
I can do all things?
All things are done.

Of mine own self I can do nothing!

This is the love of that which has no name.
This is the eternal I.
The beautiful One.

All those around me turn to drugs, to work, to sex, or other material distractions.
These are all the glorified effects.
They are effects of the human mind, under a particular set of conditions.
And these effects will remain until the Grace that moves through me begins to move through all in conscious realization.
When does this happen?

I can love all beings truly, only in my own moments of this Graceful realization -
I am cause!

I can then see my beauty and your beauty because they are One.

The vision comes without concern of pain or foreshadowed grief.

This is the way, step inside.

I can see in the light of mine own death, that there is no death.

There is only this physical sense of things that must be looked at right in the eye and smiled upon.

No drugs.
No food.
And eventually not even water.

I am cause, not an effect that needs to be added to through physical inputs.

I am maintained but only through the Truth.

I am maintained by that which cannot be discerned with human eyes, ears, or mind.

There is only this One I operating, living and having its being through the form of We.

We are One.

This infinite expression is the wondrous beauty we perceive beyond sensory information.
This is why all of these individual expressions around me are cause.
Each one is the cause of being of its own consciousness.
And who can limit this consciousness to a finite existence?

All of this limitation is a belief that we are detached individual mortals which sprang out of nothingness and will return to nothingness.

It's actually fairly absurd to limit our view of consciousness, our view of ourselves, to the amount of data we can currently pull out of our minds.

Even on the human level we already know that we are barely using the capacities of our minds, so why would we then concede that we have any inkling of the nature of Truth through the use of the mind?

The Truth is not imparted through the mind.
The Truth is imparted through the Presence -
Through the conscious recognition of our own Presence.

We are not our fingers.
We are not our hands.
We are not our arms.
We are not our shoulders.
We are not our chests, or our stomachs, or our groins, or our legs, or our feet, or our toes, or our heads, or our brains, or our hearts, or our lungs, or our nervous system.

Our present form is composed of the appearance of so many trillion unseen and changing particle possibilities that it must be apparent to a thinker that these are not us.

At most these forms are a brief state of being that we assume in this illusion we call body.
But if they are a brief form, then how 'real' can they truly be?
This physical body in and of itself regenerates itself many times over in the course of a so-called human lifetime.
To this extent, it is clear that our reality is not and could never be limited to a physical presence in a particular time and space.
These things have already been proven by science let alone mystics.

We are the very animation of our consciousness.
That is where we find ourselves.
Look to the invisible being of I.

Again, I am cause!

Do you see that any better now?
At least can you begin to see beyond the physical laws that have led us from birth?
Laws such as self preservation have been ruled obsolete for quite some time now -
But unless a consciousness is illumined with Truth, obsolete laws will remain in effect.

The laws of physical human life systems are in and of themselves illusory.

The task involves looking through the visible world into our own Being.

This is dealing with cause as I rather than cause as all these other things taking place in the sensory world around us.

All this study of sensory events amounts to mere marking time - standing in place.

So how do we know we are living a spiritual existence when we turn within for Truth?
I don't know what you mean by living a spiritual existence, there is only living.

You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.

Yes, that is the cause!

The Truth is the cause of I!

And I am that Truth and that cause!

Step inside...

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