Why We Cannot Live on Yesterday's Manna

Spiritual awareness is always one of Now. Never can we recall or bring back in our memory the experience of an enlightened consciousness. If my mind were capable of such power then I could simply think thoughts to bring Oneness to bear in my life. However, the mind is not capable of anything more than merely remembering those moments of Peace that I might strive deeper inside myself to bring more realizations of Truth into my consciousness. To experience my true Presence is to relinquish all thoughts and arrive in a place of stillness that then allows Now to fully use me in its most perfect Grace. But I must remember that these moments never occur because of any greatness or causal power that I humanly may have aroused in me. No! This Truth is called forth despite all of my tendencies to hold on to a sensory existence. The sensory existence is one that allows the mind no latitude but that of human pleasures and conceptions. Therefore, I must always be on the alert that I (the True I) must realize its ability to direct the mind and not let the mind direct it. Again, this is difficult because it means that instead of seeking the pleasure center places or avoidance of pain places I must instead turn inward toward the Invisible Presence within me which has no tangible sense. This can only ever happen Now, which means that it must be called forth anew each day. We cannot live on yesterday's manna. Yesterday served yesterday, but only Now can serve me.

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