Let There be Light!

To become intimate with knowing yourself as light is to allow the Kingdom within you to be revealed.

Material sense of ourselves as being merely human has been the root of all our sufferings.

Material sense identifies ourselves as being humans who commit good and evil.

Material sense is what makes some individuals desire what another possesses.

Just because we have a sense of being physical bodies in a material world doesn't mean that in truth we really are material physical beings.

Physicists have proven that we are made up of atoms -- so break it down!

We are in fact Light!

Not when we die, but right now.

In Genesis God said, "Let there be Light!"

If our core nature is Light (which scientists have discovered to indeed be fact) then it must stand to reason that our core nature is eternal without end!

Can Light be sliced or killed?

This Light which we are is actually our Soul.

This Light that we are cannot be governed or ruled by the idea of ourselves as a physical material being.

This human body shall return to dust, but the Light of our true body has been made in the perfect image of God.

Close your eyes and tell me -- Can you see your awareness?

Your awareness in truth is infinite and only limited by your concepts and material sensing.

Your awareness lives in the light of your Soul.

Get out of material sense and into the Kingdom of God, where there is Light and Love eternal.

You don't have to wait as others do to shed the sense of your material being at death.

Everything must take place now!

Develop your single eye by becoming aware of who you really are.

Stop calling yourself a sinner and claim your divine heritage.

Go to that Kingdom within and know yourself as the child of God.

Through your own awareness you are One with God -- as the ocean is with the wave.

The presence of God is here right now in the Kingdom within each and every one of us.

The Kingdom is within your own consciousness.

Connect to that Kingdom of Light -- that Kingdom of Perfection -- that Kingdom of Abundance.

Connect now by acknowledging the Truth that Christ is risen in you.

Connect now and let there be Light!

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