Morning Comes

I think I slept in Your Arms last night, as I must, as I have never been apart from Thee. The dream of forgetfulness begins to fade as Remembrance and Recognition return, slowly, softly, silently. The limitations that are part and parcel of this dream of life begin to melt, like pure crystal snow, and the River refreshes HerSelf once more and flows ever more freely into every aspect and form your arms and body may take.

How tender is the Awakening. How soft the first-felt touch of Your Hand, Your Breath, Your Love.

Your Presence brings Me forth from the tomb this dawn and I AM alive with a new life, renewal of the One Life which creates and sustains all things. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. The Great Circle is unbroken. World without end, Amen.

Who is it that I must be to have such honor and worth freely bestowed upon me? In your eyes I will find my Answer...revealed, unfolded and presenced to all creatures, high and low. Thy mercy and tenderness knows no bounds. I remain, ever, in Thee.

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