Don't Give Yourself Away to Yesterday

Don't give yourself away to what you thought yesterday. Be present now and recognize your true identity which encompasses infinity. The memories will still be there but we no longer cling to them as having reality. We reference them occassionally to make our way through this parenthesis of eternal life. That is the memory's function. The New Recognition of our Presence encompasses all of the Creator -- none is left out. Therefore, our access to anything real is always given freely. We are "closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet." And as I say this I mean it also regarding each one of us in relationship to all others. We are individual expressions of the Divine Word and we are all within one another's embrace! -- we are there as soon as we stop taking thought for the things of "this world" and simultaneously realize our Being in the midst of NOW!

Then do we become the Children of Light inscripted with all the qualities and quantities (Infinity!) of Love, Peace, Joy, Compassion, -- all these words are come to life, encircled in and around our bodies to reveal the radiant beauty that we all-ways ARE!

This is the mirroring of Infinity that is WE!

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