How shall you now believe?

Having told yourself a thousand lies, how shall you now believe?

Notice the use of the word ‘how’ not what.

And I, if I be lifted up, I shall draw all mankind unto me.

Look up, my child, look up. See the I that is the animator of all that exists. Seeing that I, you shall know ..

And thus leave all belief, and its companion disbelief, behind.

And you will remember now ‘up’ is within.

Bring the truth, the truth you are to the NOW. Bring your world, your treasures, your pains, your fears, your hates to the NOW. The Radiance of the True moment will purify all that shall remain.

You need but be willing to let it all be given over to the Great Assessor. Trust that only what you really want will be given back to you.

Be still, be still and as the sun rises on a perfect spring morning, you will see blessings shower your view.

All sharp edges have been ground fine and your children can now venture out in true freedom. They will know not any lurking dangers for you have entered into each one and gathered them up to your Father’s attention. You have traversed every distance and your survey is complete. Let now the fruits of your labor bloom and ripen in perfect peace. Let down your guard as it is no longer needed and must be relinquished.

Never believe you are faulted for your fear - for it was fear you entered into to purify and transform. Accept a Father’s gratitude to His Faithful Son.

Weary yourself no more. Your well-being is your Father's affair. Your supply is your Father's affair. Let it be so and do not forget.

So it is written, so let it be amen.

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