Consider your ways

Let us now remember the word of the prophet saying,

"Consider your ways." (Haggai 1:5)

This is the command that tells us to leave no stone unturned and no-body interned in the tomb. It is direct and simple.

"Consider your ways."

It says nothing about the so-called 'others'. It says only, "Consider YOUR ways."

Is there one among us who has not "sewn much and brought in little"?

Is there one among us who has not "earneth wages to put them into a bag with holes"?

AND, is there one among us who could not CONSIDER their ways most effectively in 'going up to the mountain, bringing wood, and building their house in the high estate of Spirit'?


YES, for truly we see what it means when the prophet proclaims, "I will take pleasure in it and I will be glorified" !

YES, I WILL BE GLORIFIED in the absence of the little me. And no little man shall see this PLEASURE and continue to live close to all these things (mental interpretations) which pass as a thief in the night.

Do we have the power to let them pass? Of course not. Our function is to stand still and behold. The right action ~DIVINITY~ inherently takes place without any special effort or thought on our part because IT already IS.

So where is the Father?

And where is LIFE?

Here is what the prophet says,

"Consider your ways."


now, arise, and let us go hence!

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