Infinite Way Writings

Weekly Passage - for week of 1/17/10

"Ordinarily, we live in a world of sense and concern ourselves only with objects of sense. This gives us our experiences of good and evil, pain and pleasure. As we, through our study and meditation, turn more to the mental side of life, we find that we develop higher thoughts and, therefore, we express better conditions. As our mental qualities become more refined and we take on more patience, kindness, charitableness, and forgiveness, our human experiences reflect these qualities back to us. But let us not stop there.

"Higher even that the plane of body and mind, there is a realm of Soul, the kingdom of God. Here we find the reality of our being, our divine nature--not that body and mind are separate or apart from Soul, but that Soul is the deepest recess of our being.

"In the realm of Soul, we find complete tranquility, absolute peace, harmony, and dominion. Here we find neither good nor evil, pain nor pleasure--only the joy of being. We are in the world, but not of it because we no longer see the world of senses as it appears to be but, having awakened our spiritual sense, we "see him as he is" -- we see through appearance to the Real."

-- from Joel Goldsmith's "The Infinite Way"
Chapter - The Christ

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