Infinite Way Writings

Weekly Passage - for week of 3/4/18

"The evil that comes nigh your dwelling place always personalizes itself. It comes as a sin, as a temptation, or as a false appetite in you or in some other person. It always personalizes itself in "him," "her," or "you." Watch it, and you will notice that you never think about alcoholism: you just think about the alcoholic. You never think about drug addiction: you think about the drug addict. You never think about the universal carnal mind: you think about the evil man in prison, because evil always comes in a personalized form. It came to Jesus in the form of a devil. It always personalizes itself, but when Jesus turned on the devil, there was no devil there. It was just a temptation in his mind, and it had to be met in his mind.

"So, there is no evil person confronting you. There is no evil condition confronting you. This is a personalization of the impersonal carnal mind-not your belief or mine, but the universal belief in two powers."

-- from Joel Goldsmith's "The Mystical I"
Chapter 7 - Impersonalizing Error

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