Infinite Way Writings

Weekly Passage - for week of 3/10/13

"Everyone on the human plane is acting and reacting to some suggestion of universal belief. Humanly, we are antennas and respond to another person's thoughts, moods, and disposition; we react to one another's feelings as well as to world-feelings and world-tensions. When other people fear something collectively or individually, we fear the same thing; but once we recognize that tendency, we become less and less responsive to outside influences. A person who does not understand that there are unseen forces governing his human experience would, of course, be unwilling to spend even five minutes of his time in an effort to become immune to world-beliefs. But once we begin to perceive that there are many things that we do that we do not really intend doing or do not want to do and that we think many thoughts that are contrary to our nature and which must have been imposed upon us from without, then we shall begin to see that there is a universal mesmerism and we shall be willing to make the effort necessary to free ourselves from it..."

-- from Joel Goldsmith's "Infinite Way Letters 1958"
Chapter 10 - Break the Fetters That Bind You

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