Infinite Way Writings

Weekly Passage - for week of 8/14/16

"If we look through our eyes at the people of this world, all we shall ever see are human beings, sometimes good, sometimes bad. The man and wife who love each other one day drive daggers into each other's hearts the next day. The parent who fondles the child one day reproaches him the next. It is the human picture, sometimes good, sometimes evil. That is what we shall always see, hear, taste, touch, and smell with the five physical senses.

"The only way to be dehypnotized is to quiet the physical senses, to be still inside, and then spiritual awareness reveals the truth of being that enables us to see that which is not visible, to hear that which is not audible, to know that which is not knowable with the human senses."

-- from Joel Goldsmith's "Realization of Oneness"
Chapter 4 - No And!

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