Infinite Way Writings

Weekly Passage - for week of 9/2/18

"You know you have a body and you know you have a mind, but you have not come to know the You that has the body and the mind. This is the You that is the adventure of life, and the adventure of life is the awakening of this You. You are the Soul, and then you must begin to explore, search, and seek until you find Me, until you find your Self, the real You. This is the You that was never born, the You that will never die, the You that for a moment is entombed in a 'parenthesis,' struggling to break out so as to live in the full sentence of life.

"If you search your body from your toes to the top of your head trying to locate where you are, you will discover that you do not exist anywhere between the head and the toes. You cannot find your Self in any part of the body, and this should give you the first cue: 'If I am not in this body, where am I? What am I?' Then the search for the man of God's creation begins. The great adventure has begun!"

-- from Joel Goldsmith's "Man Was Not Born to Cry"
Chapter - Awake

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