Infinite Way Writings

Weekly Passage - for week of 12/7/14

"All these discordant pictures that we see round about us are just mental images in thought, shadows on a screen. We must learn not to be afraid to look at them and understand that they have no more substance than the men and women on a moving picture screen and no more power than the bullets that are fired into, and through, our television sets, but which never crack the set open. They make a great deal of noise, but they are nothing but shadows; and one day, as we look into our mind, we shall see and understand that there are these mental images or pictures of what is called life and that they are all taking place inside, not outside, our mind. What we see is not the event itself, nor the person involved: It is a mental concept which we have drawn and are entertaining of the event or person."

-- from Joel Goldsmith's "The Thunder of Silence"
Chapter 12 - Resist Not Evil

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