Infinite Way Writings

Weekly Passage - for week of 9/21/08

"Human existence is based on a belief or trust in two powers, and even religion is based on the power of God over evil; but in heaven there are no powers of good or of evil: There is only God Itself, living Its own life as you and as me, and as a heavenly universe. The very moment we can demonstrate the Master's teaching of resist not evil, we shall no longer spend our days as most of the world is doing, chasing, searching, and begging for a power to do something, and competing with everybody else in the world. When we realize this new principle -- not a new power but a new principle, a new dimension of life -- we live in a world where there is no competition and in a universe where men do not fight one another."

-- from Joel Goldsmith's "The Thunder of Silence"
Chapter 12 - Resist Not Evil

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