Spiritual Writings - Poems

"Do you see that if you would be free you must let imagery and poetry have its way with you."
-- Joel S. Goldsmith

If you have a poem you would like to share please send it to rsimonse@theunofficialinfiniteway.com.

.I -- that great desire
I have not forgotten you tonight Love.
let the darkness be
come to the gate, child
from now
we know
you are flying
i leave myself
there's always less
instead this world
taking away your power
of course we did name ourselves
i sat at the mind
my beautiful love
sex is the illusion
no power is god
grainy world
three parts poem
i wait
a dream awoke me
the healers are changing shifts
we're jumping out of these wombs and caskets like rabbits,
what would we do without the thief...?

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