Infinite Way Study Practice
January-March 2003

The following study practice is designed for those students who already have at least some background with Joel Goldsmith's Infinite Way teaching. My first recommendation would be that you go to the source text or tape where these messages are presented and listen to the original instruction.

Adapted From Joel Goldsmith's 1956 Seattle Closed Class - Neither Good Nor Evil
Master #166 - Tape 3 - Side 1

For this study practice we are going to take into our meditations the subject of good and evil. Instead of starting out from the assumption that an idea of good and evil has arisen in our lives we are going to go deeper and let our silent meditations begin to examine the subject from within.

The core of this lesson comes from Joel Goldsmith's 1956 Seattle Closed Class lecture "Neither Good Nor Evil". You can use the link to go to the excerpt of the lecture on this site. Before reading the excerpt you may wish to meditate for a few minutes to quiet some of the outer world thoughts. This is also a good idea before reading or listening to any of Joel's work.

Simply meditate for a few minutes and then read the tape transcript provided here. Within the words of the lecture you will find a very deep lesson which can begin to change your consciousness regarding the reality of the world you may have previously accepted. And we remember we must actually apply and put into practice this lesson by taking it within for it to do any good. We cannot merely pay lip service to the words without having each individual uncover the Truth for themselves. Each individual must let this lesson unfold uniquely from within.

This is one of the deepest lessons of the Infinite Way teaching and it is also the one that is most misunderstood or ignored by our traditional religious institutions. Nevertheless, it is our task to begin to see through the world's erroneous beliefs so that new avenues of awareness may be uncovered for ourselves and simultaneously for those others still awaiting illumination.

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