Infinite Way Study Practice
July-September 2003

The following study practice is designed for those students who already have at least some background with Joel Goldsmith's Infinite Way teaching. My first recommendation would be that you go to the source text or tape where these messages are presented and listen to the original instruction.

Adapted From Joel Goldsmith's "The Foundation of Mysticism"
Chapter 3 - Treatment: Knowing the Truth

The only place that we can ever establish the Truth that makes us free is within our own Consciousness. We govern our own surroundings by that which is taking place within us. As students of the Infinite Way we eventually come to learn that all treatment is self treatment and all of our healing work is brought to us not that we may heal someone else (for the Truth is that they are already perfected in the image and likeness of God) but that we might be blessed by these appearances by going within to consciously bring the Truth to bear in our life.

Joel teaches us that, "Always, you are seeing spiritual identity enthroned."

And that is the subject of this lesson. As we go out into the world we must consciously know the Truth about every individual that comes into our Consciousness. Never again are we permitted to allow our egos to think of ourselves as superior than others because of the fact that we have been graced to receive this spiritual unfoldment. Now we consciously bring to bear, "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God?" And the Truth that we know about ourselves is the same Truth that we know about every individual that we meet.

Often times the appearances will testify to a sinful, sick, or dying person. We must not deny the appearance but we must see through the appearance and behold the invisible Christ Presence which occupies the eternal Soul of all persons. This amounts to treating ourselves first and letting that treatment manifest itself in ways in which we cannot know.

Just as the invisible life in trees brings forth branches and leaves and fruit in an endless progression of giving, so too do we recognize the invisible life that operates in us and in those who may call upon us for healing. If we consciously know the truth by beginning each day with a recognition of our oneness with God, then we will begin to prepare ourselves to heal the sick and quicken the dead. But remember, this all begins and ends within our own Consciousness. Never again do we look to a power to act upon another power. We simply realize that the Source of all life abides in the secret place of the most High, and that secret place is ever given freely unto all.

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