Infinite Way Study Practice
July-September 2003

The following study practice is designed for those students who already have at least some background with Joel Goldsmith's Infinite Way teaching. My first recommendation would be that you go to the source text or tape where these messages are presented and listen to the original instruction.

Adapted From Joel Goldsmith's 1962 Kaiulani Open Class -
The Temple of God and the Hidden Manna - Master #474 - Tape 1 - Side 2

For this lesson the assignment we have been given is to read Part 1 and Part 2 of the tape transcript excerpts contained on this site from the 1962 Kaiulani Open Class - The Temple of God and the Hidden Manna.

These two excerpts from Joel articulate a level of Truth which requires us to recognize the spiritual substance of our individual Consciousness. When we do this we are making progress toward the realization that there are no external powers outside of us that have any ability to harm us or deny us of our good.

We are now recognizing the invisible nature of life as that which comprises our entire being. We are now paying homage to all of our fellow students throughout the world who are even now practicing these Infinite Way principles with us. We are now taking one moment out of our lives to silently turn within and acknowledge, "I have meat the world knows not of."

Thanks be to all of Thee!

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