Infinite Way Study Practice
July-September 2005

The following study practice is designed for those students who already have at least some background with Joel Goldsmith's Infinite Way teaching. My first recommendation would be that you go to the source text or tape where these messages are presented and listen to the original instruction.

Adapted From Joel Goldsmith's 1960 Maui Work -
Contemplation Develops the Beholder - Master #369 - Tape 4 - Side 2

Contemplation develops the beholder.

OK. Let's stop right here and rest.


Contemplation develops the beholder.

These few words contain our success on the spiritual pathway. Do we have the required energy to devote to developing the Beholder? Do we have that little bit of extra time today to go within and contemplate those things that we have become aware of at the present time? We may have become aware of a disturbance, a blessing, an apathy, or a temptation. We may have become aware of a new scent, or a new neighbor, or a new world problem on the television news. Regardless of what we have become aware of today, do we have the ability to go within and contemplate whatever it is within the context of our Infinite Consciousness?

Ah, now there's an idea -- bringing the Inner Light of Infinity into every situation that we face. Be it a pleasant situation or an ugly situation let us begin by bringing any situation that comes to us into the context of our own individual Infinite Being! See how this one idea can reframe the entire world around us by bringing us a spontaneous experience that is otherwise impossible.

Let us bear witness today to the power and the majesty of that Infinite Spirit within us all! Let us put It squarely in the center of any possible situation that arises and let us then bear witness to whatever happens to take place. On this alone will any spiritual healing come to our awareness. It will not come to those who seek to change the outer picture. It will only come to those who stand fast in the Word made flesh that becomes their living experience.

The tape transcript that we are using for this study practice is from Joel Goldsmith's 1960 Maui Work entitled, what else -- "Contemplation Develops the Beholder." As you will glean from the tape transcript provided here contemplation in the Infinite Way requires a giving up and a letting go of all judgments as to good or evil regarding any appearance. This is one of the mighty hurdles that we are faced with as we seek to enter the Kingdom of God. This is where we ultimately must enter in with "clean hands and a pure heart". As long as we are holding on to any form of good that has an opposite of evil we shall in no way enter God's Kingdom.

Read the tape transcript as though you are embarking on the study of something you have never yet really understood. Why is this? Because even though all of us here have been blessed in receiving the Holy Spirit at many times in our life, we cannot stand on those past experiences now. We must really be willing to start every day off with a blank slate so that the Inner Word has the opportunity to use our clear transparencies as Its agency for spreading Its Light throughout the world! This can never be done fully as long as our memories of yesterday's experiences linger on. Giving up the need for the known is perhaps the greatest sacrifice we can make at the present time to pay homage to the Holy Spirit that is working with us. This act of surrender is true Trust. This is a true act of Grace.

So now comes our opportunity. Read what Joel has to say to us and let the resonance of your Self be the measure of your experience.

In Love.

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