Infinite Way Study Practice
October-December 2005

The following study practice is designed for those students who already have at least some background with Joel Goldsmith's Infinite Way teaching. My first recommendation would be that you go to the source text or tape where these messages are presented and listen to the original instruction.

Adapted From Joel Goldsmith's
"The Contemplative Life" - Chapter 9 - Daily Preparation For Spiritual Living

For this lesson we are going to make a conscious effort to return to our origins of Infinite Way study. In other words, we are going to get back to the basic teachings regardless of how long we have been studying or how advanced we think we are.

Joel reminds us in Chapter 9 of "The Contemplative Life", that Infinite Way students should never try to graduate or advance past the basic principles of the teaching. The principles have two basic tenets. The first basic principle is that we must experience a conscious realization of God on a daily basis. Without this experience the rest of the practice is meaningless. It is only through our conscious actualization of God that we find the experience becoming the fruitage. Listen to this closely -- the God experience becomes the fruitage. It does not become the fruitage that we imagined or that we thought we wanted. It becomes the fruitage of harmony in our daily life in ways that we cannot anticipate. Therefore, here and now, today and always, we return to the most basic teachings to find our way back to the Father's house.

And then the question arises, "Yes, but how do we make our contact with God?" And here we find ourselves at the second basic principle which is of equal importance to the first -- because without this additional principle you will not have true peace operating in your experience.

The second principle is the impersonalizing of all evil and all good. We no longer fear the evil or try to hold on to the good. The softening of our countenance takes place when we realize that personal failure or personal success is not important or the goal of anyone of us. We replace these failures and successes with a spiritual vision that recognizes error as part of the universal belief of a God separate and apart from ourselves. Intuitively those of us on the Infinite Way path know that God cannot be God and be apart from Its creation. So we turn away from a personal sense of self to a complete sense of Being that is one with God from everlasting to everlasting.

We also have come to where the good qualities of human life no longer are too important. We remember that "I of mine own self can do nothing." And when we remember our helplessness to do anything so do we acknowledge a God that carries out Its own will with or without any prerequisites from our labors.

The more we live in the spirit of impersonalization of good and evil the more we find ourselves making conscious contact with God. And, the more we find ourselves making conscious contact with God the more do we impersonalize both the good and the bad appearances that we see with our human eyes.

This then is the Holy Ascension. And it starts and ends with these basic principles. These principles are formed in consciousness not in words. They are invisible and beyond our ability to reason. Practice these principles and you will simultaneously be practicing the Presence of God. Practice them sincerely and practice them daily, and you will never have need to go any farther than this.

We bless you and keep you always.


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