Infinite Way Study Practice
October-December 2005

The following study practice is designed for those students who already have at least some background with Joel Goldsmith's Infinite Way teaching. My first recommendation would be that you go to the source text or tape where these messages are presented and listen to the original instruction.

Adapted From Joel Goldsmith's 1961 Maui Advanced Work -
Attaining "That Mind" - Master #434 - Tape 1 - Side 2

"There is no known truth that will ever function spiritually."

This single sentence from Joel Goldsmith's lecture Attaining "That Mind" gives us an important wake up call with regard to putting our faith in printed words. If we are hoping that any book of words will carry us along the spiritual path we will certainly hinder our progress. We are now learning that knowing the truth has less to do with reading particular words in a book and more to do with resting in the words to let their inner meaning impart itself to us.

Read the tape transcript for this lesson carefully. Read it very carefully. And in so doing remember that it is not the words that we are reading so much as the consciousness which brought forth the words. We are reading and listening for the deeper impartation of the Holy Spirit to illumine us even amid words from Joel which we may have read a hundred times before. We are no longer allowing ourselves the comfort of simply reading words and agreeing with them. Now we are approaching this inward journey as a child would do. We are letting our previous understandings of the truth be washed away by a new sincerity which needs no intellectual validation or prior agreement to believe.

Joel tells us that the entire letter of truth in the Infinite Way could be learned within a week. Many of today's Infinite Way students have been reading Joel's books for 10 to 20 years or longer. That is certainly appropriate. The only dilemma occurs when in the cases of many Infinite Way students they are trying to arrive in heaven via the attainment of greater knowledge. This is a common pitfall for many individuals and even the most illumined among us have fallen into this misperception many times along the way before truly experiencing "The Kingdom of God is within you."

As you read this particular transcript see how it echos many of the ideas presented in the companion study practice. Remember that we are now getting back to the basic principles which brought us here in the first place -- daily conscious contact with God, impersonalizing of all that the world calls evil and good, and knowing without hesitation "I of mine own self can do nothing."

What more could you possibly need to know?

Amen and amen.

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