Infinite Way Study Practice
July-September 2006

The following study practices are designed and dedicated for those students who are truly seeking God.

Adapted From Joel Goldsmith's
"Our Spiritual Resources" - Chapter 1 - The New Life By Grace

God has no power.

God is powerless to do anything that we can conceive.

God is. And this is the new Life by Grace.

Only as we give up our old beliefs can we live it. Only as we stop labeling everything that comes into our awareness as good or bad can we take it.

This is the new Life by Grace. This is what we are walking out of here with today.

A new Life in this new day.

It is not our lives anymore -- it is our Life. The one Life that becomes new to us the moment we acknowledge that there is no God in heaven or in earth with any power to do anything for anyone. God is the exact opposite of what we formerly believed it to be. God is the absence of power. And this is our new Life by Grace.

For this study practice we are not going to be doing any difficult studying or trying to solve any great problems. We are going to take no action whatsoever other than to know the Truth regarding God and the omnipresence of Grace operating in our Life.

In the Infinite Way Prayer section of this site there is a passage from The New Life By Grace chapter of "Our Spiritual Resources". Before you read this passage acknowledge that there is nothing for you to know in it with your mind. You already know all the words or you wouldn't have come to this web page and read this far. Read the passage now and rest in the spiritual presence of the moment.

When you are finished taking in the passage the purpose of this lesson has been accomplished. Regardless of your idea or opinion about what may or may not have taken place in this moment, God has spoken Its Word. And there is no effect that can take place to quantify or qualify the magnitude of God's Grace.

It is accomplished.

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