Infinite Way Study Practice
July-September 2006

The following study practices are designed and dedicated for those students who are truly seeking God.

Adapted From Joel Goldsmith's 1962 Maui Advanced Work -
Grace Not Dependent on Thought or Deed - Master #450 - Tape 2 - Side 2

In the companion study lesson for this practice we took a bold step in a new direction by seeing God operating without the use of any power. In so doing we did not take anything away from God. All we did was remove a concept of power from our mind. Instead of seeing a God whose function is to provide us with things that we don't have or a God who has the ability to make an unpleasant situation in our life better, we now have changed our entire attitude by reframing God as Life. God is Life and that one Life is given to us by Grace without our needing to take any action to receive it.

Now we will continue along this same line of awareness for this lesson. There are two tape transcript excerpts which we will read from Joel's lecture Grace Not Dependent on Thought or Deed. They are divided into Part One and Part Two.

Read these transcripts in the light of a new morning. Although the words of the lecture like a morning sunrise might be familiar to us, we are now going to lose our familiarity with the thoughts we have about those words by beholding the consciousness which lives beyond the words. This consciousness is the same Life that we received in the companion lesson. It is an atmosphere of Life that we are receiving by Grace. And in this atmosphere our eyes are open to new possibilities. No longer do the niceties of humanhood have the same weight with us. No longer do the world's fears impinge upon us as before. No longer do our opinions about right and wrong keep us from realizing God's Grace.

Now we see with new eyes and in so doing we behold God for the first time as Life. God appearing as me. God appearing as we. God appearing as ....

There is nothing that this God appearing is going to do for us. It is God. And that is all that It is.

Appearing as ....

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