Infinite Way Study Practice
October-December 2006

The following study practices are designed and dedicated to God.

Adapted From Joel Goldsmith's
"Our Spiritual Resources" - Chapter 3 - Easter, A Rising Out of Material Sense

"What me must realize is that God is appearing as spiritual man, but that we are now entertaining a materialistic concept of God and man. Let us begin with creation and birth so that we can see that man does not evolve from a seed. Man, that is, individual being, has his beginning in God-consciousness expressing Itself as love, joy, beauty and truth. All these enter the mind as what we call love, drawing man to woman, and in that union enabling the spiritual activity of God to form Itself through the mind as love and through the body as a seed, even though we must acknowledge that there was a time when there was no seed, and therefore, when there was only the consciousness of God. . . . if you believe that the seed is the beginning of man, then it is conceivable that you must believe that there is an end to that which has come forth from the material seed. But as you begin to perceive that Something preceded the seed, that the seed itself is an emanation of Something not material, the infinity of life is revealed."

This text is from Joel Goldsmith's "Living Between Two Worlds", Chapter 3 - Easter, A Rising Out of Materal Sense. In this chapter we are given some key road markers to assist us in taking an honest look at how we have fashioned the world around us in our thoughts.

The way most of us think about the world precedes from our very ideas and concepts about birth. Human birth or conception seems to be a defining event for most of us. It seems to be the measuring stick for when we begin to give human life value. It is the point in time and space where we recognize with our human senses that something has happened to create and bring into 'this world' a new member of society -- a new human.

As we study this chapter in "Living Between Two Worlds" we begin taking inventory of what our acceptance of conception and birth does to our overall thought process in terms of identifying who we are, what we are, where we are, and why we are.

What happens to our self image when we fix a birth date on a person and think of that person in such manner? What does that mean about the nature of the person and their relationship with God? What do we think about God in the light of accepting human birth and conception as the beginning of a person's life? Where is the Creator now?

And, perhaps the best question of all -- Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

When our brains are given such unanswerable questions such as these, we have to pause and ask ourselves if we really know anything at all. We really have to admit that no matter how smart we are there is no answer that will suffice in this three dimensional world that we have accepted as the be all and end all of existence. AND, once we do that, we are just beginning to get REAL in the manner of letting go of our tightly held concepts and positions about LIFE.

We are finally beginning to experience and not just mouth the words of Jesus Christ when he proclaimed, "I can of mine own self do nothing." We have to actually lose our life for MY own sake. And what has been the substance of this life that was 'ours' -- it has been our thoughts. Our thought level of existence is that which we must lose and one way that we lose it is through the spiritual contemplation presented to us in writings such as found here in this study practice. For in these mystical writings of the Infinite Way, and in the mystical writings given to us by all those Lights down through the ages, we receive a New Body through the Original Mind. It may be painful to admit the errors of our ways and the presumptions of our thoughts, AND let it be so. Because the Original Body is also the New Mind. May we find it now.

Now...take this lesson, go within and shut the door.

For I am with you forever and ever...amen.

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