Infinite Way Study Practice
January-April 2007

The following study practices are designed and dedicated to God.

Adapted From Joel Goldsmith's 1955 Kailua Study Group -
The Secret of the Healing Principle - Master #113 - Tape 4 - Side 2

The title of this tape excerpt used for this study practice is called The Secret of the Healing Principle. It contains a complete description and example of the nature of spiritual healing in the Infinite Way.

This lecture was given by Joel Goldsmith over 50 years ago and yet the radical nature of the text still seems significant given most of our concepts about the term spiritual healing. The word 'healing' itself conjures up in most of us the thought of fixing something or correcting a problem. Yet in the Infinite Way teachings this is where the idea of healing has to take on a whole new dimension. No longer are we permitted to believe in a universe that needs help or a God whose Creation needs improvement. We are now working in a new direction. A direction which deals first hand with the scripture of Jesus when he said, "Judge not by appearances. Judge righteous judgment."

As you read the tape excerpt you may want to try listening to the words as if Joel were right here with you in the present moment speaking directly to you. Because in Truth, the Consciousness which brought forth this lecture IS available to any of us who are of a mind to give ourselves to it completely.

Let the words be with you. Let the Word become flesh. Amen.

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