Infinite Way Study Practice
January-April 2007

The following study practices are designed and dedicated to God.

Adapted From Joel Goldsmith's
"The Foundation of Mysticism" - Chapter 14 - Overcoming Mesmeric Sense

"The reason healing is possible is this: God is, and God constitutes this universe, and God consititutes your being which is perfect. But because of this sense of separation, you are going to be bombarded with mental miasma, which is malpractice, a constant hypnosis coming our of this carnal mind belief of two powers. Without your consciously knowing it, it is getting into your system (the same way that subliminal advertising is thrown into the unconscious or subconscious mind) and then you respond to it. That is the wherefore of error. Error is nothing more than a universal hypnotism which comes out of an impersonal entity called devil, mortal mind, or carnal mind."

To fully assimilate this quotation from Joel Goldsmith is to begin to step to the left when everything else seems to be saying that we should go to the right. Most of us do not remember anything except our memories of the hypnotic world. As long as we accept that all of these beliefs we carry around with us are true we cut ourselves off from God.

In the human world time and space seem absolutely necessary in order for us to function. And, to accept time and space as they are presented to us in 'this world' is to accept that reality consists of separate bodies which are cut off from each other and often functioning at odds with one another. If that is the picture we accept as our reality what must we think of a God which created the possibility of separation? Is it possible to love such a God if it is also possible to be cut off from parts of Its Creation or from God Itself?

Unfortunately, to think outside of this framework seems almost impossible for most of us. Even those of us who respond readily to a mystical teaching such as the Infinite Way, might be able to spend a few seconds or minutes or even hours contemplating the Truth of Being, but as soon as we step back out into our every day lives there are suggestions which seem to call us back into the dream world. We need this many dollars. We have to take this many pills. The person we thought we had fallen madly in love with doesn't respond in kind. All of these situations seem to require us to step back into a world of separation in order to function humanly.

So where can we turn? It seems to require a radical departure for most of us. It seems to require another dimension which cannot be called upon until we are ready and willing to take significant steps out of our former way of existence. And even for those of us who have been on the mystical path for five, ten, twenty years or longer it requires a vigilance in which the cliche's of metaphysics become rooted in our consciousness. We will ultimately do more than speak the words. When will this happen? Who can know? All that we do know is that we continue because there is no other option for us. We have experienced living outside of the dream world even if only for brief moments and it is those experiences which compel us forward. We intuitively continue onward so that we will again feel the Word within. And then when we are confronted with difficult appearances in our life we may hear something similar to that which spoke through Joel when he said:

"I know thee who thou art: you're not a peson, you're not a condition, you're nothing but that mental malpractice; you're nothing but that carnal mind in action--an image, a nothingness--the arm of flesh, the fleshly mind, that which has no law of God, no life of God, a nothingness. I don't have to fight you. I have to recognize you for what you are: a mental image in thought without substance, cause, reality, or law."

It may not always be what we want to do. It may not be that which we find the most glorious or the most loving. That makes no difference. All that matters is that we are doing it now.

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