"Glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory I had with thee before the world was."

Infinite Way Prayer

Joel S. Goldsmith Lesson on How to Pray

"Prayer is the Word of God which comes to you when you are silent enough, still enough and expectant to receive it."
--Joel S. Goldsmith

There are two excerpts from Joel Goldsmith's talk "How to Pray" in the Infinite Way Tape Transcripts section of the UIW.

I AM These
from "Living the Infinite Way" by Joel S. Goldsmith

I am not in the earth, or in the tree, or in the bird: I AM these. I AM the gentle movement of the clouds -- yet more, the very fleeciness itself; I AM the brightness of the sun and its movement. I AM the breeze in the air, the swaying of palm frongs -- yet the palm itself. I look out from the stars -- but being also the sky, I hold the stars within me. Beneath is world upon world within my embrace--while I look out from these worlds to the stars above. I AM the life and color of the jade in my ring, and the consciousness of the organs of my body.

There is no place where I leave off as the life of one or begin as the life or mind of another, becasue all is one. I flow through all, in all, as all. I AM also the flow. I AM in musical sounds, yet I AM the sound itself. Of all creation, I AM the essence, the fiber, the fabric, the form, the action, the very mind and the very life.

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