Infinite Way Prayer

The Omnipotence of I - from "The Mystical I" by Joel S. Goldsmith
This work is to be read as the Voice from within, speaking to you. It is not to be interpreted as a person speaking.

Be not afraid, I am with you. Be not afraid of those out there: I am He. I am here, and I am there. Be not afraid: I in the midst of you am mighty. I am life eternal. I am the way. Just rely on Me. Fear no danger, for there is no power external to you. I in the midst of you am infinite power, the all-power, the only power.

Live by Grace, since I am your meat, your wine, your water. I can give you water, and if you drink of it you will never thirst again. I have meat the world knows not of. I am the resurrection. I am the way: I am the way to your peace; I am the way to your abundance; I am the way to your safety.

I am the rock. I am a fortress. I am a high tower. Abide in Me and let Me abide in you, and no evil shall come nigh thy dwelling place. No weapons that are formed against thee shall prosper. Why? They are shadows; they are not realities; they are not powers. I in the midst of you am omnipotence, the only power. These arrows, these poisoned darts, these germs, these bullets, these bombs: they are shadows. They are beliefs in a power apart from Me. They are a universal belief in two powers. Believe in Me as Omnipotence.

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