Infinite Way Prayer

Since God is My Consciousness - from "The Art of Spiritual Healing" by Joel S. Goldsmith

Since God is my consciousness, and God, or Truth, fills my consciousness and is the substance and activity of it, that Truth is the substance and activity of it, that Truth is the substance of the form of everything within my universe, even if it appears as a tree or a flower, an enemy or a friend. Everything in my universe responds to that awareness.

I embrace my universe within my consciousness, a universe formed of, and by, that consciousness; and because my consciousness is filled with Truth, my universe manifests the activity, quality, and substance, the nature and the character of Truth, of eternality and immortality.

I stand at the doorway of my consciousness, permitting nothing of a discordant nature to enter, maintaining it in its purity as that place through which God flows to all the world. All who enter my spiritual household, my temple, find therein the peace and joy which become the substance of their being, their bodies, or their pocketbooks. This God-consciousness envelops them, governs and sustains them, and reveals this truth as the truth of their own individual being, so that they, in their turn, become a law not only to themselves but to all who look to them for help.

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