Infinite Way Prayer

When Ye Pray - from "Thunder of Silence" by Joel S. Goldsmith

I come here for prayer and meditation in the full knowledge that I am not going to a person, although the relationship between God and me is as personal as that betweeen father and son or mother and son, but I am turning to the Spirit of wisdom and love whose will it is that I bear fruit richly.

I am not entering the Presence of God in order to enlighten God. I am not going to God to present my views to Him, hoping to tell Him more than He already knows or to tell Him what is good for me to have. I do not expect through this period of prayer and communion to influence God in my behalf.

I turn to God that He may fill me full of Himself, fill me full of His wisdom, His peace and glory, and make me a fitting instrument on earth for His love.

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