Infinite Way Prayer

I Know Not What You Are - from "The Thunder of Silence" by Joel S. Goldsmith

"God, I know not what You are, or even how to pray to You. I know not how to go in or how to come out; I know not what to pray for.

"I cannot believe in the God that the world has accepted, for I have seen the fruitlessness and frustration which follows such blind faith. I must find the God whom no man knoweth, the God that is, the one true God that created the universe in His own image and likeness -- perfect, harmonious, and whole -- and who maintains and sustains it in its infinite and eternal perfection. In such a God I can believe.

"Reveal Yourself, Father; show me Your will. Never again will I dishonor You by trying to tell You what I need and then attempt to coerce You into delivering it. Never will I expect You to do my will or my bidding -- to be my messenger boy.

"I place my life, my hand, my being, and my body in Your keeping. Do with them what You will, Father. Take my sins, my fears, and my diseases; take my health, and my wealth; take it all. I ask only one gift -- the gift of You, Yourself."

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