Infinite Way Prayer

I Am God's Responsibility, Not My Own - from "Living Now" by Joel S. Goldsmith

"God sent me forth in expression, and I am God's responsibility, not my own. In that assurance, I can rest, for in that moment, in some measure, the kingdom of God comes to earth for me.

"A thousand may fall at my left, and ten thousand at my right, but as long as I abide 'in the secret place of the most High,' no evil can come near my consciousness or dwelling place. Nothing can touch my inner being as long as I live, not by might or by power, not by taking thought for my life, by battling evil, or hoping God will destroy my enemies, but by God's grace. I rest in quietness and in confidence in the assurance that God is the creator, the maintainer, and sustainer of all that is."

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