Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture

Chapter - Introduction

The essence of this book is that God is. We talk about God; we think about God; we even pray to God. As we come into the conscious realization of God, we begin to see why talking about God is useless, and why much of our thinking about God is fruitless.

God is the only reality of our being. He is our Life, our Mind and Spirit, the animating Principle, the substance and Soul of our being and yet -- how well do we know God? In our experience we are apt to be content with the intellectual acceptance of God as Mind and Soul, and we fail to grasp that our great need is to know God --- to understand the law and reality of our being.

Men generally have little confidence or peace until they have a good position, or a successful business, or perhaps some land or investments. Then they achieve a sense of security and well-being, even though it is a known fact since human history began that these possessions are temporal and not permanent. The loss of them leaves men without hope in the world or in themselves, and the fear of losing them is the reason for most of the ills of the world, which are not brought about by the struggle to gain them.

Those who find God, who attain even a small measure of understanding, have wealth that neither time nor circumstance can affect. These have no concern for their material or physical well-being, because they have found that their permanent and unchanging good, their unvariable life and substance are all included in God.

Let us not be satisfied with an abstract God, a God who we call by name and yet with whom we have no conscious relationship. If God is the only reality of our being, can we any longer delay real acquaintance with Him? To know Him aright is Life eternal. To understand Him is to know the security and peace "that passeth understanding." "Seek ye the Lord while he may be found."

God is not found in names or statements of Truth. "He is in the midst of thee" -- "He is closer than breathing" -- yea, He is not in the physical sense of life, but is found in the stillness of your being when thought is tranquil. This does not mean that we are to forsake the world, but to abstain from the noise and clamor of everyday living, so that these do not cause even a ripple on the waters of thought.

The spiritual sense of Scripture alone reveals the laws and lessons of the Bible by which we may live. This book is an introduction to that infinite theme. To live out from Soul Consciousness is to know and enjoy the beauties and joys of Life. The Science of Soul reveals the nature or spiritual healing and unfolds the activities and capacities of the Soul of the individual -- of you.

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