Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture

Chapter - The Nightingale of the East

Amidst the flowering plants of a garden in Egypt sat a nightingale of great beauty. Its soaring song filled the Oasis with lilting melody. Its song was a carol of love; a message of peace from out the heart of the Infinite stilling the waves of a world of sense.

Knowest thou, Oh Bird, of the peace that fares forth with thy song? Knowest thou of the strife that is stilled by the melody from thy throat? Nay, the nightingale knows naught of the power of its song and less of the unrest that is quieted by its sound.

So should ye be as the Song of God pours forth from you -- the willing carrier of the divine message -- yet unaware of the power of your being and still less aware of the troubled hearts ye quiet with your melody of love.

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