Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture

Chapter - Basis of Understanding

"My kingdom is not of this world."
"Cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils."
"God is no respecter of persons."

Here we leave behind old landmarks, but whether we will be glad to see them disappear depends on how firmly we grasp the new idea.

We start out from a well-known city -- a familiar state of consciousness. We know where we are -- we know well the routine of affirmations, denials, formulas, set prayers given us by others to memorize and repeat.

In our present state of unfolding consciousness we have lots of props upon which to lean. We can always fall back upon statements uttered by wise men of old and newer ones by men and women of our own time. We can even call upon that ancient cliché in times of trouble, "Leave it to God." There are well worn prayers and statements in the Bible; there are well known prayers and formulas in modern metaphysical writings. Yes, our present state of consciousness gives us much on which to lean.

When, however, as now, we agree to leave old landmarks, we enter a state of consciousness with but few guide posts and even fewer aids. In this new land you will find yourself much alone with God. It will become necessary to make your direct contact with infinite Being -- with the infinity of your own being. It will no longer help you to talk about God, pray up to God, lean on God, think about God; now you must become one with God; you must consciously "feel" your oneness and receive direct illumination, guidance.

At first when you close your eyes in silence, there may be a sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach as you realize that here you are -- at last -- alone with God and God nowhere yet in sight or hearing. It may be like swimming in an ocean and all of a sudden realizing that you have gone out of sight of land with no guide post to tell you which direction to head for.

The first experience when you turn into the silence without words, thoughts or statements, can be very confusing and doubt engendering. It will require patience and perseverance, just as it did in those pioneers who broke through the material wilderness to make first a path from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, and then fill in that path with towns and cities, and finally unfold a great America -- a completely new and different country from any before known.

The early pioneers in mental healing found that they could convey the idea of health from practitioner to patient with words silently spoken and with no physical contact between patient and practitioner. The method then was to orally or silently address the patient by name and then orally or silently declare the truth of being through affirmation and denial; and the patient, if at all receptive, was healed or helped.

With the passing of time and much experience, progress in this healing method continued until it arrived at a point where it was no longer necessary to address the patient at all. The practitioner could "know the truth" within himself, and the one who had asked for help would receive it. This was called impersonal treatment. At first it was used only to help those who had not specifically asked for help, but later it was found to be a more efficacious method than directly addressing the mentality of the patient. While all metaphysical practitioners have not advanced to the place where they can heal without directly addressing the patient, the best and busiest practitioners have learned this secret. By the time they reach the place in consciousness where they merely "know the truth" within themselves -- or "clear their own thought," as it is sometimes called, they have also arrived at a place where most of their healing work is no longer mental healing, but spiritual healing.

The continuous living in the mental realm, leads us to the higher atmosphere of Spirit or Soul. Having arrived at the state of consciousness where the patient is not recognized, is not taken into the treatment, the practitioner has become aware of a divine Presence, Power or Influence within his own being. Instead of his giving mental treatments, he finds this sweet Presence within himself as the divine agent in the healing work. More and more he becomes aware of God as a very present Reality; he "feels" this gentle Presence within; he learns to be consciously aware of it more and more. He, the practitioner, becomes less and less, and God, the divine Within, becomes more and more. There is less faith in statements, thoughts, affirmations and more understanding of God as the Life and substance of the real universe. The errors of the senses are more easily seen as illusion. Less and less effort is given to overcoming sin, healing disease, removing error, or battling mortal mind, or protecting oneself from imaginary powers and evil people. The spiritual Consciousness reveals the physical world as a mirage -- an illusion without substance, law, reality, cause or effect. And this spiritual sense dissolves the illusion without mental effort -- without prayer or treatment. Just as the enlightened mathematical sense sees 12 x 12 as 144 without "taking thought," without mental strain, effort or process. It just knows 144 -- complete and perfect.

As this spiritual awareness becomes more and more, the mental work -- the mental treatment -- becomes less and less. What need is there to strive, struggle, contend and do mental battle with what is now so clearly seen and understood as mirage -- nothingness?

"My kingdom is not of this world."

"Cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils."

"God is no respecter of persons."

"My kingdom is not of this world." "My kingdom" means the realm of Spirit, Soul, or I AM; "this world" means the universe of concepts; the illusion or mirage. It naturally follows that this means there is nothing of "My kingdom," of the Christ in "this world" -- the universe we see, hear, taste, touch or smell.

To you and to me, this is the most tremendous revelation in the Bible. It shows us why there are wars with all their horrors of disaster, wreck, ruin, wounds, insanity, death and destruction -- and God does nothing about it.

The World War 2 ended in Germany only when the Germans were completely and utterly defeated -- out of food, clothing and ammunition. Did God stop it then? No. It stopped only because there was nothing with which the Germans could carry on. Did the war in the East stop then? Did God decide to stop the whole war? No. The Asiatic War went on until two atomic bombs -- not God -- showed the Japanese the hopelessness of their situation. Please remember, shocking as this may seem to you, there was no God on the battlefields; there was no God in the war. Were only bad men, evil characters and sinful people hurt and destroyed in the war? You know better. Most of the people -- even most Germans and Japanese -- were good humans, innocent of any desire to hurt anyone. Was God with them? Think of the tornadoes, train wrecks, air casualties. Where is God? And the answer shouts back at you -- "God is no respecter of persons" -- no, He is no respecter of any persons, good or bad. And again God tells you, "Cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils for wherein is he to be accounted for?" If, then, God does not enter the human scene, what is your function and what is your hope?

"Ye must be born again" -- of the Spirit. You must cease from being mortal man; you must rise in consciousness to the awareness of yourself as pure Spirit, Life and Soul. You must see and understand "this world" as a mirage, an illusion, a mesmeric suggestion and not attempt to heal it, pray for it, save it or redeem it; but see it for what it is -- a false concept of Reality, a dream-picture. "Awake thou that sleepest and Christ shall give thee light." When we awaken from this dream world, we will "see Him as He is," and we will then be satisfied that all is well and will "be like Him" -- spiritual and perfect. Must we die to awaken to this Truth? No. We must know, understand and acknowledge that what we behold is not the world of Reality, and God is not in it; but seeing through it we behold "the temple not made with hands" -- the spiritual universe here and now. What is your hope? That you may live always in the consciousness of "My kingdom," in which is no mortal sense to be overcome, no erring conditions to be corrected, no sinful or sick people to heal.

Looking back, you can realize now how much of your metaphysical work has been in the realm of human betterment. At this moment you are being led to "My kingdom" -- to that place or point in consciousness, or that state of consciousness, where harmony is the everpresent and only state of being. Your study, your work, now is no longer for the purpose of ending a war or changing capitalism from socialism. Your endeavor now is to cease from consideration of the things of "this world," so as to tune in on the beam that leads to the realization of "My kingdom."

"In my Father's house are many mansions." In God Consciousness there are riches of the Soul, palaces of spiritual substance, an existence of eternal bliss. These are not found in material sense, regardless of how great and good.

Is this practical in our experience here and now? Let your own heart answer. Unless you perceive this with your own inner conviction, my statements or assurances will be meaningless. If my words find a response within you, then you need no further assurance. Trust your instinct, your intuition -- not as to whether my message is true (I know it is), but as to your readiness for it.

Is there something of "this world" very important to you? Whatever of good there is -- and this is infinite -- will unfold to you and for you without your taking thought; and it will appear as person, place and thing, but it really will be God appearing, good unfolding, Life expressing, Love revealing.

Do not fear to let go the things and events of "this world." More and better harmonies will appear than ever you dreamed of -- and without planning or effort or struggle. And these will still appear in tangible and substantial form -- as person, place, and thing -- but you will smile and know better; you will recognize them as gifts of God -- as divine Grace -- as your heritage as the child of God.

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