Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture

Chapter - Spiritual Healing

We have seen that for metaphysical healing it is necessary to know:

1. I AM GOD -- I exist as infinite spiritual consciousness, embodying within myself the divine idea body, business, home, supply; and my very oneness with God constitutes my oneness with every spiritual idea. Carrying this knowledge into treatment, we realize that regardless of any appearance to the contrary, we are never separate or apart from any form of good.

2. My body is the expression of my spiritual Self or being. It is a reflection of the I that I AM; it is the image and likeness of me and manifests all of the health, harmony, wholeness of the infinite spiritual consciousness which I am. Further, my business, profession, art, or practice likewise is idea, expression or reflection of the qualities and activities of my real perfect being -- always spiritually and fruitfully governed and supported.

3. Nature of error. We have learned that the only error or evil is hypnotism, mesmerism, appearing as suggestion or mirage; that when we realize this, the so-called evil -- the sin, disease or lack -- disappears. We know that error is never person, place, or thing -- just mesmerism appearing as person, condition, or circumstance. Mind, or God, being infinite, is the substance and activity of all that appears to us for the moment as error.

4. Very important is the knowledge that the world of sense -- that which we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell, that is the structural sense of the universe -- it is not the spiritual eternal creation: it is but the finite shadow of God's creation. This wisdom enables us to drop the attempt to heal, correct, change or improve the material sense of life -- whether of man, animal or plant; and thus set ourselves free to intuitively "feel" -- become conscious of -- God's universe. This is the great secret of Jesus' statement, "My kingdom is not of this world," and the secret of John's world -- "not made with hands." Do not let go of this fourth point until it is a clear reality with you.

We cannot take the mortal concept of creation into heaven -- harmony. We do not bring God to the material sense of existence. We surrender the "belief and dream of material living" for "the life divine; we exchange the objective sense world for the spiritual formations of divine creation. The physical sense of health includes a heart beating so many times to the minute; a digestive and eliminative system performing at regular intervals; bones, blood, brain -- all doing certain things at certain times. Regardless of how perfect these may all be functioning at this moment, this same physical sense says that a continuous disintegration is going on leading to dotage, infirmity and decomposition and death. As opposed to this, the spiritual sense of life shows forth a life and body of eternal substance with no aging, withering, changing conditions -- but rather a continuous and successive unfolding of good.

To gain the spiritual awareness of Life and its perfect formations is our purpose in meeting in these pages, We have come together for the one purpose of realizing the God which is Spirit, Soul, Love and eternal life, and to become conscious of the formations and activities of this Life which is God; this Mind which I AM.

Bit by bit we are giving up our concern for the structural universe and in that proportion we are gaining the awareness of the Life which is incorporeal, harmonious and permanent. By devotion to thoughts and things of the Soul, we lose our concern for the thoughts and things of sense. By cultivating our love for God and the world of ideas, we increase our sense of Love and thereby unfold and reveal more of God or good.

As our concern for things of the world lessen, we find ourselves with less anxious thought; and finally instead of thinking thoughts, we become receptive to thoughts and ideas which flow naturally from our Soul to our conscious awareness, We no longer "take thought" to make something happen -- but we receive God's thought unfolding good every moment. We no longer give treatments or know the Truth to change some erroneous condition into an harmonious one -- but rather, in the face of a discordant note, we become silent and receptive; and the illusion or mirage fades out, and the omnipresent harmony is instantly revealed. This silent receptivity makes way for the conscious realization of the presence and activity of the Christ.

Christ or the divine idea -- omnipotence -- omnipresence -- is always at hand to guide, direct, lead, govern, support, sustain, maintain, equip. This Christ power is everpresent as our consciousness -- but only when the conscious thinking mind is stilled and we are receptive to this omnipresence, do we perceive its activity and fruitage. Omnipresence and omnipotence is not something you have to get, pray for, treat for or desire; it is to be realized through silent receptivity. We need not tell IT (The Christ) what or who is to be benefited. Just be still, be receptive, be patient. The Christ is the Reality of you and is right where you are-but not discernable through thinking, through either physical or mental force. "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts." Not by mental power or physical might -- but by my Spirit. Do not strive. Do not struggle. "The battle is not yours." Be still. Be quiet. Be patient. Be receptive.

Is there some mist through which you cannot see at the moment; is there a divine harmony hiding behind some ugly or painful mirage; is there a mesmeric sense keeping out the glorious peace of the Soul? Do not contend against it. Do not strike out mentally to do battle with it. The Christ is here. It is your very own consciousness when human thought is stilled, when human planning and human effort are at an end. Where human effort ends, the activity of the Christ begins. Where human fear ceases, divine courage begins. Where physical might and mental power end, the divine energy of Spirit begins. When your thought is still, God's thought is revealing, and God's thoughts are quick and powerful.

Make way for the realization of the Christ, that Presence and Power which is eternally where you are awaiting only your invitation-an invitation which is expressed as Silence, Expectancy, Receptivity.

As the spiritual or intuitive sense becomes more developed, the Christ is realized as one's higher, or real Self. In proportion as the Christ becomes more apparent, more consciously with you, It takes over, as it were, and becomes the source, activity and motivating Power and Presence of your experience. Life enters a new phase for you.

There are many human ways of achieving success-involving physical and mental prowess. When Spirit animates one, success in any undertaking is the fruit of the Spirit-never the result of human effort. What human steps and actions are called forth are likewise the result of the action of the Spirit.

Spirit is a Presence which is consciously known and felt, and It "feels" as if It were something separate from oneself. Actually, It is the Self -- the real Being -- but greater than that which appears and walks like a human. This Spirit is that of which the human is a transparency. The Presence always goes before it to prepare the way -- to bring about those apparently human circumstances necessary to the achievement.

The conscious awareness of the Spirit is the Christ which guides and protects every step. It furnishes the wisdom and the supply of all that is needful. The repetition of these words will accomplish nothing. Unless there is an actual awareness, a real contact, a true assurance -- there is no performance of spiritual activity.

Awareness of the Presence is a state of Grace. It accomplishes all without labor, anxiety, struggle or strife. Note the ease, simplicity and poise which accompanies the man of Spirit. Watch the effortless energy, the carefree attitude of the one who has achieved contact with the Spirit -- with the Soul of himself. Note how the world seems to move in unison with him -- all working together for the good of the whole.

Life is a glorious adventure when the Spirit has become a living Reality. Life becomes a thing of now. Concern for the future falls away. Each moment of the day provides its own Grace; its own supply of joy, peace, dominion, home, friendship, success.

Things of "this world" are understood as objects of sense -- temporal, finite and temporary -- and one does not struggle to get or save these. "Take therefore no thought for the morrow; for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." (Matt: 6:34).

Do not misunderstand. There is no need for any one to give or throw away savings or investments or insurance. These are a part of today's living and regardless of how great is the Spirit within you, there will be anxious moments for your family if they feel that human wisdom or common sense is breached. But know this: When the Spirit of Truth has been consciously realized, you will never again have concern for the outer welfare; you will know that every moment will fulfill itself with Grace for that moment. You will then see your investments and savings as the "added things" -- as evidence of your spiritual development and not as something necessary for a rainy day or old age.

Remember, however, that your supply is ever at hand regardless of any material possessions, because your supply is the consciousness of the Presence, and It provides the fullness of good every moment where you are.

Peter could not walk on the water, but wishing to emulate his Teacher's example, he tried. The Master was on hand to rescue him. So do not attempt to hold lightly your savings, insurance or retirement funds, or educational funds for your children -- unless you have realized the Master within you. The Master is never a man -- but the consciousness of the Spirit of Truth, which is Christ.

Do not belittle human forms of good; and certainly never attempt to take them away from others. As long as an individual needs the physical church, the book, or any symbol -- respect that need. We know that Sunday is no more sacred than Tuesday -- yet let us keep Sunday in quietness and peace out of respect to our neighbor. Even if we do not require hospitals or drugs, let us respect our neighbor's need of them. Even if we have realized the Christ and no longer need old age pensions and retirement funds, let us respect our neighbor's need of these. Let your freedom from the need of these be in your inner realization. Never boast or brag of your freedom from material means -- that would be a sure sign you haven't the realization. Let your assurance of permanent Grace be an inner conviction which is outwardly felt by those with whom you come in contact. Never voice it except in the closed closet with a student who is on the brink of discovery. It is wiser to live your revelation that to speak it.

Jesus walked on the water, but he did not advocate it as a general practice; he fed the multitudes, but he knew that we would have to grow to the stature of Christ before we could accomplish it, and therefore, he did not reproach those who worked for the daily bread.

Live your demonstrated spiritual consciousness and let your living preach it. Do not take your patients or students a step further than they can see at the moment. If they try to walk on the water too soon, be alert -- be present to raise them. Always stand by with love, forbearance and forgiveness.

Life becomes an adventure when we realize the presence of the Christ. No longer is there concern or anxiety for some person "out there" or for some circumstance or condition. Life is now lived one moment at a time and that moment is now and that moment is God's moment.

If your life is not an adventure now; if you are not living in joyous expectancy, a confident assurance, then there is still concern for some one or something "out there" instead of a relaxing in the consciousness that all Life is sustained. You are not necessary to anyone's demonstration of life or security. Your consciousness of this truth would help to set free any whom you may be holding in bondage to the belief of human dependency. When one avenue of supply closes, another opens to fill the moment with God's fullness -- as long as one abides by the consciousness of the Presence. The world becomes your playground when you lose fear and concern in the recognition of the presence of the Spirit of Christ.

Life only begins to be an adventure when we cease living it for ourselves. We are here in this so-called human experience for a reason. We may not clearly discern what that reason is. One thing you may be sure of: Life's purpose is not that we shall live unto ourselves. The adventure only begins when we have found a cause to serve or live for. On lower planes we may live for our family, for the community or nation, or even for a church. We may devote ourselves to education, the care of orphans, or universal peace. All of these are good starting places if the heart, Soul and pocketbook are placed in the work.

Joshua Loth Liebman has said in "Peace of Mind" the following: "There comes a time in the development of ourselves when receiving from others, which is the essence of selfishness, gives way to the irresistible urge to give to others -- to grow beyond the limits of one's own skin, whether in the creation of a family or the building of a good society. We reach a point when we become satiated with ourselves and when life demands that we turn outward toward other human life. Then we cease being the passive vessel and ourselves become the living spring. Life does not ask us our wishes in this matter, but in the very process of our own biological maturation it forces us to renounce our status as parasites upon life and summons us to become the patrons of life."

Rising higher there is the ministry of spiritual healing and then teachings the things of the Spirit. At this point you are entering the real activity of Life and are being prepared for more universal opportunity. By this time you have left behind all consideration for your personal self or your own interests and have entered the heart of the Universal and at this point something entirely new enters your experience: the inner world reveals itself to you, and higher forms of service are opened to you.

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