Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1952 New Washington Series - The Easter of Our Lives -
Master #10 - Tape 9 - Side 1

And so on this Easter, when your attention is drawn to the story of the Master, remember this -- that the greatest blessing that has come to the human world has been the denial of the Master by those he fed and healed, and the denial of the Master by his very disciples. Because in that experience we have learned not to trust man whose breath is in his nostrils, not to place our faith in the outer world, but always to turn within and become acquainted with our guardian angel, with our angel of the Lord, with our divine protector, with the very Christ of God which has been planted in the midst of us since the beginning of all time.

Men fashion their kingdoms of temporal power, of gold, silver, brass, and clay. We read of these temporal kingdoms in the seventh chapter of Daniel. We learn here of the finite temporary nature of the kingdoms of this world. The 34th verse of this chapter of Daniel we read that a new kingdom shall be set up which will never be destroyed. This kingdom is carved out of a stone that is cut out of a mountain without hands. This stone destroys all temporal kingdoms and the work of men. Think of this -- a stone carved out of a mountain without hands. Is not this the work of God? And the kingdom that shall stand forever, is not that the reign and realm of the Christ? The power that rules not by might nor by power but by my spirit. The human life constituted of gold and silver and brass and iron, mixed with clay, is a kingdom divided against itself. And spiritual wisdom alone, the still small voice, can destroy it and reveal the kingdom of immortality under the government of love.

As faith and confidence in men and metals and minerals is displaced, and the understanding of God as substance replaces material sense, the power and glory of the new consciousness appears. My kingdom is not of this world. The ministering angels within our own consciousness, the impartation of the spiritual word within -- this makes for us the safety, security, harmony, joy, and peace of our world.

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