Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1955 Kailua Study Group - The Realized Christ -
Master #111 - Tape 2 - Side 1

I have been asking our students and will continue to ask, that they give one period of their meditation each day to God alone. Not for themselves, not their family, not for their business, not for their patients or students, and not even for peace on Earth, but for God alone. In other words reserve one period for a meditation in which we come to God with clean hands.

Father I seek nothing. I'm not seeking anything for anybody. I am not come here to accomplish anything or to achieve anything. I'm coming here in the same spirit that I would go to my mother were my mother available. Just for a visit. Just for a communion. Just for love. The love between me and my mother is of such a nature that I would love to sit by her, or walk by her, or sit at her feet, or take a ride. I would love to be in her company, oh, I don't mind if it's days, weeks, months, or if occassionally I could have just 2 or 3 minutes of her time alone. I want nothing of my mother. I seek nothing. Just the joy of being in her company and feeling that joy that naturally flows from a mother to a son, to a child. That's why I'm here today. You are the Father and Mother of my being. You are the Source of my life. You are the Soul of me, the Spirit of me. You are that which makes me tick. And I come in this period just for the joy of communion. I have no favors to ask. No desires. Just let us pass this moment together, in communion. So that where Thou art, I am. And that I remember where I am, Thou art for we be One. Just for the joyous awareness that I am in Thee, and thou art in me. Yes, if it can be, just to feel the assurance of your hand in mine, or the touch of your finger on my shoulder. Thy presence, that's all. Thy presence.

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