Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1955 Kailua Study Group - Cosmic Law and Realized Christ -
Master #112 - Tape 3 - Side 1

Now, this is the point that will be above all the most difficult -- the realization of "Physical health or physical sickness, what matter?" Because in that realization will come the spiritual health.

You will find that this is the essence of the chapter, The New Horizon, in "The Infinite Way". And it will also explain why that chapter was never written. It was not even written as the other writings are written. It came through in an entirely different way. It came through in a dream. Word for word as it appears in that chapter, it came through in a dream written in gold, Olde English lettering on a red silk banner that was suspended from my ceiling to my bed, and I awakened out of the sleep to find that banner still there. And I took the pencil and paper from my night table and copied down that message word for word, and then afterward saw this banner fold itself up and disappear, and it has never reappeared. And that is the chapter The New Horizon. That's the way it came.

And you will find that it reveals that all of human experience -- that means the good human experience as well as the bad human experience is an illusion -- it's a dream. But it doesn't mean that this world is a dream. It means that this world as we see it is a dream. And from the moment that our interest in physical harmony disappears we then begin to behold this universe as it is.

When we awaken we shall see him as he is and we will be pleased with his likeness. We will be pleased with what we behold. Only though when we awaken.

Now the awakening comes when you can realize that health is only the opposite end of the stick of ill health -- that wealth is only the opposite end of the stick of poverty. But somewhere in the spiritual realm there must be a consciousness of no health and no lack of health. Just as eventually you come to see in relationship to God, that God is no power.

At first God is a great power which overcomes lesser powers. God is the great Spirit that overcomes error, overcomes sin, disease, death, lack, and limitation. Then comes the second unfoldment in the realization of God in which God is the only power, and it does not overcome any other powers since there are no other powers to be overcome. That is the realization in which there is no truth over error, no God over the devil, no spirit over matter, no reality over unreality -- since the reality being the Infinite All, these other things exist only as illusory beliefs and not as entities or identities or powers. That is when you come into the realization of God as Infinite All -- the one Being, the one Power, the one Law.

Ah, but then you go on to the still higher realization of God in which you learn that God is no power. Why is God no power? A power must always be a power unto something. A power must always exert itself in, through, over...but God is no such thing. God is a state of Divine Being. God is the state -- the infinity of Divine Being. God is not a power because there is nothing for God to be a power to. God does not even create. God is an infinity of Being appearing as. If God created, there would have to be a time of creation -- probably even a place of creation, and then you'd have God confined to time and space. God is not confined to time and space. And therefore, God is not confined to energy or power. God is IS. God is Being. God IS, and that's all that God is.

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