Infinite Way Tape Transcript Excerpts

Excerpt from 1955 Kailua Study Group - The Secret of the Healing Principle - 2
Master #113 - Tape 4 - Side 2

The secret is this. There is a universal force, a universal belief, a universal hypnotism which is the source of every discord that comes into our experience. Every limitation, every sin, every temptation, every disease that comes to us is but an effect of a universal force or power which remember in and of itself is not power it is only power because of acceptance in the human mind. If it were a power we couldn't overcome it. If it were a power we couldn't dispel it. It is not a power but to world sense it is the only power which we have to consider in the meeting of sin, disease, death, lack or limitation. In other words what I am trying to say is this, "No person is ever dying." Now try to understand this -- no person is ever dying. And if you're ever called upon to help a case of a person who seems to be near death don't try to save their life because you won't succeed. But handle the age old universal belief of a life apart from God -- a life which had a beginning and must have ending. Handle the universal mesmerism of death. Because you see there is a universal hypnotism which says that everybody who's born must die. And that same hypnotism says we were born -- that we were created of matter -- born of man and woman. Now, this is not a personal belief. This isn't just a belief of you individually as a mother or as a father. This is a universal belief that existed since time began. It is a universal belief in birth which results in a universal belief in death and what we are handling here is not birth or death but the universal belief, the universal hypnotism, which appears as an individual person dying.

Let's put it this way. Close your eyes for a moment. And, let us ... well, let us go over on Sunday afternoon to hear the band -- The Royal Hawaiian Band. We're standing in front of the bandstand. And there is a band up on that stand, and everyone up there has an instrument in their hand. The conductor has a baton. And now, is there a single person there? No. Is there a single instrument there? No. But you're sitting, looking directly at it. Yes. But they're not there. No. What is there? What is the fabric of every person you are seeing up on that bandstand? Your imagination is the fabric. Your imagination is the substance out of which those men and those instruments are formed. In fact your imagination is the fabric -- the substance of which the whole bandstand is made. So whether, whether now you have human men and women on that platform, metal instruments, or a wooden bandstand, the substance is all the same -- imagination. There is no wood there, there is no flesh and blood there, there's no metal there, there is only imagination. Do you follow that? Can you follow that? Do you see that? Do you see that there's no flesh and blood up there? Do you see that there's no wood and no metal up there? That there's only your imagination formed as men, women, wood, metal.

Supposing you were dreaming right now. And now you're dreaming that you're out here in the water. And as you look around you find out that you got out too far and now you can't get back. And now begins your struggle to get back, and there you are out in this water struggling. Is there a you? Is there water? Is there a struggle? No. What is the fabric or substance of the person you are seeing in the water? What is the fabric and substance of the water? What is the fabric and substance of the struggle? Your dream. Your dream. The dream is the substance, and you and the water and the struggle are the objects -- which are formed by your dream.

Now, if we were to take this leather cover and make a man here, and a piano here, and a sky over here, we would still have neither man, piano, nor sky, we would have leather. In the destruction of leather there would be the destruction of the man, the piano, and the sky. In the destruction of your dream there was the destruction of the you in the water, the water, and the struggle. In the destruction of your imagination there was the disappearance of the band and of the instruments and of the bandstand, right? Now, supposing in that first case you'd have started out to eliminate each one of the men from the bandstand. You'd have still been left with instruments after a hard struggle getting rid of all those men. Then you'd have to get to work tearing out those instruments. And after you got through with that you'd have to tear out the bandstand. And you could have done all of that by stopping your imagination in one stroke. Right?

Supposing you were dreaming of struggling in the water. And instead of crying out for someone to rescue you, you just had somebody wake you out of the dream. By the breaking up of the dream, there would be the breaking up of the you in the water, and the water, and the struggle. Right? And so it is.

The fabric of the discords of human experience is a universal hypnotism, a universal belief, or a series of universal beliefs. That's the fabric of every sense of limitation that can come into your experience. Whether it's limited finances, or limited health, or limited family relations, or limited human relations, or limited business, or discordant experiences. The fabric of it is this universal hypnotism -- this universal belief of a universe apart from God. Now when Jesus says, "I have overcome the world." He did not mean that he had overcome all the people in the world, and all the evils of the peoples in the world because his ministry did not last long enough to battle all those people. He overcame the world in one stroke by realizing that the world that needed overcome was made up of this mesmeric illusion. And all he had to do was destroy the mesmeric illusion and all the people and all the circumstances and all the conditions of limitation disappeared.

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